Midwest University 2017


I will be presenting at CAD Technology Center’s upcoming conference Midwest University this March, and I am really looking forward to it!

My session, entitled “BIM Nirvana: Achieving Fidelity in your Revit Models” will tackle some of the strategies for general model maintenance and content management including the following:

01 Warning management

Which types of file warnings should be addressed immediately, and which can be addressed later in project development?

02 File size management

Selective purging, and understanding which elements have the largest impact on your file.

03 Imported content management

Strategies for dealing with imported content, including AutoCAD files and manufacturer Revit content.

04 Maintenance scheduling

How often should files be vetted, and when?

If you are also planning to attend the conference, come say hello – I always look forward to meeting others who share the same passion for design and technology as I do!

Happy Revit-eering.

Tell me what you think.

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