Playing nice in the sandbox


There is a phrase I use often when describing the coordination process with design consultants, and I like to think it serves as a reminder of some pretty fundamental concepts.

Playing nice in the sandbox. It sounds so comforting, doesn’t it? But, all too often we forget that we – the architects and the design consultants – are on the same team, reaching to achieve the same goals. We all want to deliver an end-product we can be proud of, and we want it done effectively and efficiently.

A really simple example I like to tout is the sharing of digital models for design coordination. There are very, very simple procedures that can – and should – be observed to simplify the act of sending and receiving a model for coordination purposes (think: eTransmit). If those simple procedures are not observed, however, it can mean a lot of wasted time and effort from the receiving party spent “scrubbing” the model for use. To me, it seems that this would be a no-brainer. Less time wasted means the whole team wins.

At the risk of sounding “preachy” and over-dramatic, I hope that someday soon we – as an industry – will stop looking out for our individual intentions and be the best team players we can be.

Happy designing.

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